Atlas flat roof light product picture
Atlas flat roof light product picture
Atlas flat roof light installed picture
Atlas flat roof light external view
Atlas flat roof light straight on
The ultimate modern roof light, no glazing bars giving an uninterrupted view of the sky and maximising on the light entering your space.
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Designed for the modernist looking add natural light to a space without trying to change the over all look of the external building or internal ceiling

Key considerations

The Flat is perfect for creating a light pocket that let the natural colours of the sky spill into a room with adding a large imposing structure to the external of the property.
Our fixed flat rooflight is by far the easiest roof lantern to install. Whether your a DIYer or a seasoned installer this is simply a case of a silicon seal and a screw fix, and because theres no silicon seals to be administered on site leaks from mis installation are next to impossible.
Maximum light transition
Very effective when sat side by side.

Typical complimentary interior design styles

Contemporary and minimal houses or commercial spaces with large ceiling expanses where natural light is a real addition

Why choose a flat roof light?

Fixed flat rooflights are a great way to add a feeling of space and bring in lots of light to your home. Made popular in contemporary home design flat roof lights are now popping up everywhere from the streets of London adding light into basements, open plan extensions on traditional family homes and even the ultra-modern grand design inspired new builds adding light where it was previously not possible.

Our flat roof lanterns offers everything that you could want including a thermally efficient UPVC frame, aluminium cladding giving a sharp externally and internal finish, excellent thermal properties, super easy to fit reducing install time and cost and backed by a 10 year guarantee.

All of our rooflights are fitted with toughened glass for added security and assurance that your family will be safe when enjoying your new light filled space. Toughened glass in over 5 times stronger than normal glass meaning it should not break in the event of something falling on the glass. If the glass did ever break the lamination applied to the glass means that it would break up into non sharp pieces.


Complete flexibility

All of our roof lanterns are made to order meaning that we can make them in any size. We currently only offer certain sizes on our website however we can offer almost any size via our telephone ordering service.

The fact we can make our flat roof lanterns to any size is a major benefit to those of you that are looking to install a roof lantern into an existing structure as it allows you the flexibility to incorporate the roof light into any structure working with the original joists and roof construction.

The flat roof lantern rose to prominence in the new build ultra-contemporary market where openings are formed to suite the flat roof lantern itself. This meant that in order to save cost and maximise profits many manufactures limited there size options to a set list of sizes as roofs where being constructed to fit the lanterns that people where buying.

However now flat roof lanterns are moving more and more into mainstream design with the contemporary shabby chic look becoming the go to in modern day design, people want to incorporate flat roof lanterns into their homes without needing to build a whole new extension. This means that you are governed by the existing roof structure and the joist lay out. Therefore because we offer the flexibility of being able to build your roof lantern to the millimetre we offer the perfect solution for those of you looking to add a flat roof light to your existing structure not just those of you in the new build market.


Low Profile

The extremely low profile of our fixed flat roof light makes it the perfect product for all projects. Our flat roof light has a modern look which is perfect for new builds and modern extensions, however being barely visible externally thanks to this low profile makes it ideal for more traditional properties too.

The low profile design of our flat roof lantern makes it perfect for use in situations where there are windows that have an aspect that look directly over your flat roof extension or out where your roof lantern is installed as it does not interfere with the external view from this window and also the light coming into the room.

Many people opt for a pitched roof lantern in order to create a feeling of height in a room however they do not consider the impact of this decision on other rooms in their house. So when selecting which is the most appropriate roof lantern for your home think which rooms are going to be looking over the extension and think whether a pitched roof lantern is going to be a major obstruction to rooms that may be overlooking the lantern. In this instance the flat roof light would probably be the more appropriate option.


Internal Plaster Board Detail

Internally our flat roof light has a plasterboard lip that has been specifically designed to accept a 12.5 sheet of plasterboard leaving an extremely neat finish internally. The plasterboard pocket also has an aluminium trim that is added after all internal plastering and painting ensuring all paint lines are hidden giving a perfect internal finish.

The benefit of this lip is that unlike all other roof lanterns you have a purpose made stop bead for your plasters to finish to create you infinity look. Many roof lanterns only allow for the plaster finish to carry into the double glazing that sits on top of the roof lantern. The problem with this finish is that it creates a wavy line as the skim that is applied to the plaster board has nothing to finish to.

The other benefit of this plaster board stop bead is that for you DIYers there is a finishing point to work your plaster board to when using a screw fix to attach your plaster board to your timber sub frames. This then means that you will ultimately save money on your roof light installation and finishes as you will be able to fix you own plaster board instead of having to pay a tradesman to do this for you.

This is why our flat roof lantern is the most DIY friendly roof lantern on the market.


Extremely easy to fit

Fitting couldn't be easier, simply place the roof light on top of your timber upstand and screw fix on all sides. Once all sides have been fixed clip in the aluminium trims both internally and externally applying silicone to the corner trims. This is the ultimate DIY flat roof light.

If you refer to our how to fit page you will see a more in-depth how to fit summary and video on how to install our flat roof lantern however the following brief steps are all that is required when installing our flat roof light.

Tools and material required: 1. the appropriate number of tubes of low modulus silicone (1 Box), 2. Drill, drill bit and screw fitting, 3.screws.

Process: Firstly you must brush the upstand to ensure it is clear of any excess dust and rubble. When this has been fully cleaned you must apply a thick silicone bed using your low modulus silicone.

When you have applied this unbroken silicone bed you can then lay your roof lantern into this bed of silicone to create a good seal, making sure to clean of any excess silicone from the rubber or felt roof. Then run a silicone point around the perimeter of the roof lantern to ensure a final weather seal.

When the silicone has begun to cure you can then pilot drill the flat roof lantern and apply the screw fixing. This can then be capped with your aluminium trim cap.

The overall U value of our flat roof light 1.3 w/m2k which is extremely low for a double glazed unit. The reason why we stick to the double glazed unit is because of the overall weight of these units is much lighter than triple glazing and there isn’t a huge difference in U value when upgrading to triple glazing. Our products are designed to be installed by tradesmen and homeowners without the need for special tooling such as cranes.



Due to the fact our products are so bespoke and include large sections of glass all of our deliveries are made by own very own staff. We understand how these products must be handled and will ensure that your new rooflight arrives to you in perfect condition. Where necessary we can offer a pre arrange day/time delivery slot to suit you to ensure your new roof light is delivered at exactly the best time for you.



  • Grey
  • Black


  • New 4 pane contemporary style
  • Minimalist design with ultra-low sightlines
  • Now up to 1500 x 3000


  • Competitive glazed options also available


  • No boss and hood
  • Slim sightlines internally
  • Low sightlines externally
  • U Value as low as 0.9 w/m2k available
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