Aluminium Flat roof light installed on a pitched upstand in Cheshire.
Aluminium Flat roof light installed on a pitched upstand in Cheshire.
Close up of an aluminium Flat roof light installed in Cheshire.
Dual aluminium flat rooflight in Cheshire
Internal view of aluminium flat roof lights in Cheshire
Introducing the revolutionary FLUSH flat rooflight: The trade and DIYer’s solution to all flat roof lantern requirements.
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Adding the FLUSH to our product range is one of our proudest achievement as it allows us the ability to provide our clients with a flat roof light that offers the best quality, price point, weathering and aesthetic features of any flat roof light products available on the market today.

The FLUSH system is built around three key principles which we believe make it the most installer friendly, aesthetically pleasing roof lantern available on the market: 1. Ease of installation:- The FLUSH offers what we are calling ‘The 5 minute Installation’. Its pre-assembled, pre-glazed, pre-piloted factory settings means that any one from expert installers through to completely novice DIYers can install the FLUSH with the knowledge that the weather seal and construction of the roof lantern will be correct. All that is required is a drill for applying the screw fixings and a silicone gun to apply the silicone joint between the rebate and the kerb, and because the roof lantern comes fully factory set you will always create an extremely professional finish 2. Weather ability:- The FLUSH offers two unique weather seal features; the weather shield guarding plate that projects bellow the timber up-stand to offer a physical aluminium shield that prevents against driving rain and wind penetration. Secondly the FLUSH is glazed with our unique flexi-seal technology which is pre-applied around the double or triple glazed unit that sits within the flat roof light in factory setting which completely cuts out the potential for incorrect glazing and therefore leaks that can arise from individuals glazing roof lanterns on site. These two unique features make the FLUSH one of the most weather proof flat roof lights on the market 3. Aesthetic:- What we love about the FLUSH is that unlike many other flat roof lights, finish has ruled over profit. FLUSH have invested heavily into the ceramic glazing boarder that shields the inner workings of the flat roof light and also created a genuine infinity glaze system to offer a truly uninterrupted sky vision.

Flat roof lights are on the most diverse roofing product available on the market today as they can be used in any style property or commercial premises. Flat lanterns are the perfect product to add the feeling of light and space to a space and are quickly gaining real momentum as the leading roof light solution in both contemporary and shabby chic design. This is down primarily to their minimalist impact which allows them to slot seamlessly into an opening without affecting the overall style of a space whilst allowing an unrivalled level of light transmission. Therefore a FLUSH flat roof lantern looks just as at home in a cottage conversion, or a Victorian town house, as it does in an extremely modern, cutting edge new build.

Our FLUSH flat roof lantern offers everything from a fully uninterrupted internal to external view, to one of the easiest installation process’s available on the market and for these reasons we believe that the FLUSH is the most complete flat roof lantern available on the market today and so coupled with its very competitive price point we feel it will be the perfect addition to your project.

Our flat roof lights are pre glazed with 6mm / 6mm toughened glass so you have the assurance that your lantern will be secure from day to day debris breakage and also strong enough to deal with the loads that can placed on it from snow and adverse weather conditions. Toughened glass is over 5 times stronger than annealed glass meaning it should not break in the event of something falling on it.

Complete flexibility

All of our roof lanterns are made to your required size and specification which allows us to say with confidence that we know we can offer the roof light for you and if any of the styles set out on our website aren't the perfect solution to your requirements, call up our telephone order line and they will be able to generate a cost within 24hrs for your bespoke roof-light.

The benefit of our bespoke size roof lantern service is that for those of you having to install a roof lantern into a pre-made, existing opening with a size that has been dictated to you by the original joiners or a new opening size that is governed to you by your existing joists or beams, then we can guarantee that we can offer a roof lantern for you. Furthermore we can create roofs made to the millimetre for those of you that have new build extensions that have nonstandard size openings that have to fit around the existing property.

Low Profile

The extremely low profile of our fixed flat roof light makes it the perfect product for all projects. Our flat roof light has a modern look which is perfect for new builds and modern extensions, however being barely visible externally thanks to this low profile makes it ideal for more traditional properties too.

The low profile design of our flat roof lantern makes it perfect for use in situations where there are windows that have an aspect that look directly over your flat roof extension or outrigger where your roof lantern is installed as it does not interfere with the external view from this window and also the light coming into the room.

Many people opt for a pitched roof lantern in order to create a feeling of height in a room however they do not consider the impact of this decision on other rooms in their house. So when selecting which is the most appropriate roof lantern for your home think which rooms are going to be looking over the extension and think whether a pitched roof lantern is going to be a major obstruction to rooms that may be overlooking the lantern. In this instance the flat roof light would probably be the more appropriate option.

Extremely easy to fit:- The ‘5 Minute Installation’

The FLUSH roof lantern is one of the most DIY friendly roof lanterns available on the market today and we believe that due to its fully pre factory set construction (no parts or glazing to be installed by you the installer) it is the least likely roof lantern to have user created problem resulting from improper installation as the entire roof is pre-set, pre-glazed and pre-piloted in a factory setting and so it is in our opinion the most reliable roof lantern available on the market.

If you refer to our how to fit page you will see a more in-depth method statement and video on how to install the FLUSH flat roof lantern however the following summary points explain some of the pre-set fabrications that make this flat roof lantern so installer friendly.

Pre-Glazed with Flexi-seal technology: One of the primary causes of roof lantern leakage is improper glazing. This is because if the double glazed units are not placed in the correct position within the gasket system and improper tolerance is allowed, water will egress into a room. Alternatively if the glazing system relies on a silicone joint and the silicone is applied improperly any thin spots will expand and contract in hot and cold weather and will ultimately burst over time which will again create water egress. However as the FLUSH is glazed in a factory environment you have the peace of mind to know that your silicone seal is guaranteed against weather egress.

Pre-piloted Fixings: The FLUSH comes with all of the screw fixing hole pre-drilled. This means that you know you will be placing your screw fixings in the perfect position for optimum strength minimum strain on the corner joints. Furthermore, our research has shown that the most common causes of scratching is installers slipping their drills when piloting the fixing holes through the roof lantern profile; the FLUSHs pre drilled outer frame eliminates this problem and guarantees perfect fixing for any installer.

No clip on, or additional parts: The FLUSH profile is a fully aluminium roof lantern, this means that there are no cover strips or capping beads required to create a final finish. This means that the roof light is ready straight out of the box, simply remove from the packaging and drop onto your upstand. The benefit of this is that you completely eliminate the chance of mistake that can arise from the improper installation of capping or glazing which is common for first time installers of products. The further benefit is the sheer speed of installation. The FLUSH just needs a silicone bed and some screw fixings and it is completely installed. We are calling it the 5 minute installation.

Weather Shield Technology

The FLUSH has taken flat roof lanterns minimalistic design that makes it such a desired product by keeping large uninterrupted glass sizes and over all contemporary designee but completely re-engineered the weather seal design of the upstand. A typical roof lantern upstand would be a flat bottom box section that is silicone sealed to a rubber or felt covered timber upstand which means that your weather seal is reliant upon a silicone joint.

The FLUSH has completely reinvented the flat roof lantern cill detail by creating the weather shield skirt. The aluminium cross section that would normally stop at the timber upstand projects past the silicone seal by a further 48mm. This revolutionary design therefore creates a physical shield between the silicone joint and the outside world.

This weather skit technology means that the FLUSH is one of the most weather proof flat roof lights available on the market


Due to the fact our products are so bespoke and include large sections of glass all of our deliveries are made by own very own staff. We understand how these products must be handled and will ensure that your new rooflight arrives to you in perfect condition. Where necessary we can offer a pre arrange day/time delivery slot to suit you to ensure your new roof light is delivered at exactly the best time for you.



  • Grey


  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing
  • Walk-On Structural Glazing


  • 100% Aluminium profile
  • Visually striking gloss black ceramic edge
  • Low sightlines externally
  • Centre pane U Value as low as 0.6 w/m2k available


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