Step 1

Lift external composite kerb onto the flat roof and fix together at the corners with screws.

Step 2

Once the external kerbs have been secured to the flat roof cover the kerbs with weatherproof membrane.

Step 3

Before lifting the glazed rooflight onto the kerb structure, run a silicone seal on top of the kerb membrane

Step 4

Lift the glazed rooflight onto the top of the kerb, keeping an equal spacing around the perimeter.

Step 5

Once in place, screw through the rooflight outer frame into the kerb at 250mm centres. Make sure fixings are all secure.
all secure.

Step 6

After roof has been permanently secured, fix internal plasterboard into U channel slot on the internal perimeter of the rooflight.

Step 7

Clip on the interior trims - fix the two tight trims first and the other adjacent trims between the fitted trims.

Step 8

Fix the exterior trims around the perimeter of the rooflight using a rubber hammer if neccessary.

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