Step 1

Check that the kerb is square by measuring equal distances from corner to corner, (see Figure 1).

Step 2

Remove the ringbeam flaps from the ringbeam.

Step 3

Lift the ringbeam onto the top of the kerbs. Make sure the ringbeam is sealed to the kerb base.

Step 4

Slide the ringbeam bracket into the channel on the adjoining ringbeam and push together. Fix the ringbeam screws into predrilled holes.

Step 5

Prior to inserting ringbeam flaps, fix ringbeam into kerb at approx 500mm centres.

Step 6

Lift the ringbeam flaps into place. Make sure the ringbeam flap engages into the correct position.

Step 7

On a hidden tiebar push the steel bracket into the side of the central rafters.

Step 8

Loosen the pre-fixed top screw to allow the top bracket to move freely.

Step 9

Engage the rafter bracket into the slot provided on the ridge.

Step 10

Screw down the top screw to secure the rafter bracket. Place the rafter bracket into the slot on the ridge opposite.

Step 11

Slide the adjacent rafter over the steel angled bracket.

Step 12

Locate into position with the top rafter bracket and tighten the screw.

Step 13

Slide the bell rafter over the pre-fixed ridge bracket.

Step 14

Tighten pre-fixed screw to secure the bell rafter.

Step 15

Fix the gusset cover over the hidden tie bar. Secure with screw.

Step 16

Fix the gusset with screws provided and cover with screw caps.

Step 17

Where there is no hidden tie bar position the bracket into the slot on the ridge and fix rafter with screw.

Step 18

Loosen off the top hip bracket screw and position into the slot provided.

Step 19

Fix the next hip and secure screw at top. (See page 6 & 7 for contemporary lantern hip installation)

Step 20

Jack rafters are located into a slot with a bracket and top screw.

Step 21

Rotate the ringbeam flaps keeping them tight against the hip rafter cut.

Step 22

Fix each side of the hip glazing seat into the ringbeam flaps.

Step 23

Before fixing the central and jack rafters at the bottom, temporary fit foam boards against flap to correctly space rafter positions.

Step 24

Once the rafters are in position pull the ringbeam flap up tight to the rafter and fix centrally with a screw.
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