Introducing the revolutionary FLUSH flat rooflight: The trade and DIYer’s solution to all flat roof lantern requirements.

The ultimate modern roof light, no glazing bars giving an uninterrupted view of the sky and maximising on the light entering your space. The roof light is barely visible externally as it only protrudes from your roof by a few centimetres adding to the minimalist look.

Designed for the modernist looking to make a minimalist statement with the roofs sharp narrow lines and big glass sizes. Our extensive refinement of the manufacturing process has allowed us to create a roof that has only 4 horizontal glazing bars which means each of our Vogue lanterns boasts bold triangular glass sections.

Available in two distinctive styles Classic and Traditional, synonymous with the stereotypical roof lanterns of yesteryear. The definitive collection has been designed with more horizontal glazing bars than the Vogue lantern to give a softer look by getting rid of the sharp triangular glass shapes seen in The Vogue.

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