The Concepts

We know our roofs are what your looking for

When forming extensive research went into the technical analysis of becoming standard size roof lantern specialist and creating a company that could offer high end roof lanterns at affordable prices. However during this research period we found that people no longer simply saw roof lanterns as a way of allowing light into a room but also as a way of expressing and complementing the design and style of there project, and it became clear that roof lantern consumers were not just driven by size but also design.

Our research found that you the consumers of roof lanterns are divided by 4 design style based specifically of both the external appearance of your property and/or the style or concept of your interior. The design areas are: modern slim line roof lights, soft contemporary conservatory style roof lights, traditional orangery style designs roof lights, and flat roof squares with no glazing bars to allow maximum light transmission. This realisation birthed our 4 design styles and are the foundation for all of our ongoing development.


Modern and slim line

The word Vogue is an adjective for fashionable, ‘of the now’ products that typify the style of a time. This definition set the perimeters and foundation for our research as we looked to find what style and design of roof lantern was at the cutting edge of current style and exactly what the modernist was looking for when trying to create there perfect space.

Our research pointed towards two characteristics that every contemporary designed property was looking to achieve and ultimately the theme that people wanted to reflect into their roof lanterns. These themes where slim, and minimal line that create a sharp cutting edge design.

The Vogue lantern reflects these characteristics through its cutting edge 4 glazing bar design. We realised that what the modern consumer of roof lanterns does not like about the traditional orangery style roof lantern is the busy concentration of the glazing bars. The Vogue therefore boast just 4 slim line glazing bars in all of of its size categories meaning the Vogue design perfectly captures the minimal look that the modern buyer is looking to achieve as it maximises the ration of frame to glass and gives a sharp modern framing to the sky above. Further more the use of just 4 glazing bars creates sharp triangular shapes in all of the glass sections which creates a very striking modern style which will perfectly compliment and modern internal or external design.



Classic shape with the option of either a modern or traditional finish

Although the modern minimal roof lantern design we created for the Vogue is very much in fashion, we recognised very early on in our research that the classic orangery style lantern is still the most popular roof lantern being consumed today. The strong ridged glazing bar design that is quintessential to the classic victorian style roof lanterns found on all orangeries is what the majority of consumers are looking to achieve. The design differs from the Vogue by having both horizontal glazing bars on the longer sections of the roof lantern and also on the gables of the roofs unlike the simplistic 4 glazing bar design found on the Vogue. This ridged strong look is perfect for consumers looking to create a large roof section to allow plenty of light into a spec without looking to make a statement with an extremely modern design.

Although our research found that there was a consistent desire for a more classic glazing bar design. It found that there was still a division in how the roof lantern was to be finished, with some consumers wanting a very traditional timber alternative shape to the glazing bars and other wanting a soft modern option.

This division in taste is why we have two design options within the Definitive Collection that only differ slightly in there glazing bar shape, however create two very different finishes. The classic is the more soft modern style of the two options with its glazing bar having smooth slick top cap that reflects the more typical contemporary theme of a property. The Traditional, as the name suggests, is much more ornate and offers a much more establish style, and can be seen as an alternative to a timber roofing system.

This small difference in glazing bar design has big aesthetic impacts, and if you are looking for a soft modern design in your home the Classic is the roof lantern for you with is smooth slick caps. However if you are a trying to create a more traditional look in a space the ornate shape of the Traditional make it the perfect roof for you.


Maximum light, No glazing bars.

The Flat requires less explanation than the other concept as its design says it all… maximum light transition, with no interruptions.

When researching what consumers are looking for in a roof lantern it became apparent that a large section of the public are no longer buying roof lanterns to make an aesthetic statement by completely changing the shape of there roof line with a classic conservatory roof style lantern, but people are simply installing roof lanterns to add light and a feel openness to a space, without wanting to change the over all aesthetics of a room.

This school of thought is what birthed the Flat, as its slim seamless framing makes it the perfect item to allow light into a room without changing the over all look of the space. It sits perfectly in either new build extensions as a light pocket that lets in the natural colours and light, or as a way of breaking up large expanses of ceiling when an original property has been opened up, or even in a commercial spaces as a way of brightening an otherwise dull space.



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