Stock Size Specialists

Here at Roof Lights and Lanterns our core principle is to use standard size roof lanterns which allow us to massively reduce our manufacturing cost, to bring the highest quality products normally reserved for the very top end of the home improvement industry, to the public, at affordable prices

Through our extensive research of the roof glazing industry we recognised that the market was clearly divided into high end ultra expensive products reserved solely for an exclusive minority, and then a wash of low end products being churned out at high volumes with little regard for the aesthetics and quality of the products being manufactured or the consumer experience from an installation perspective.

We recognised that the way to combat this division was to bring the exclusive top end products to the main stream at a competitive price point. This however was were we stumbled… how could we sell the high end products people deserved access to at the prices being touted around by the major low end sellers? This is where our research began, and Roof Lights and Lanterns was founded.

Eureka!! Standard sizes. Through our extensive research we recognised that 85% of roof lanterns are being used in the conversion or erection of flat roofs as a light pocket, and not in the traditional conservatory roof style where an entire room is covered by a glass roof which can be an infinite amount of variable sizes, meaning there are very few occasions were a bespoke size lantern is required. Based on these facts we have been able to establish a series of standard sizes that cover the needs of almost ever consumer. Meaning anyone can now afford a high quality roof lantern that is appropriate for their space.

This realisation is were our business model grew from. We realised that by focusing on 4 set sizes in each design category we could let economies of scale take over. Through the mass production of usually bespoke products we have driven the price down to a level that has brought the previously unaffordable high end products to a place that the mass market can afford.

The benefits of stock sizes however are not just limited to prices but also delivery times. Our research of the roof lantern market showed that one of the fundamental draw backs of the available high end products is that they are extremely labour intensive to manufacture and therefore have very long lead times (typically 4-6 weeks). However by making all of our available products standard sizes we can prefabricate our roofs meaning your roof has been built for you even before you buy it. Which has allowed us to slash our lead times to 5-10 working days, something thought physically impossible without compromising on quality.

This is when we started to get creative in our research and our 3 design concepts where born.


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